Working with young people of today to develop leaders of tomorrow.

Recognition Award Night

The Recognition Award Night was set up in 2012, to recognise young people who  have played exceptional role within Southwark and the neighbouring areas. The award seeks to identify, support and foster the achievements of young men and women (aged 16 to 25) in a variety of fields including (but not confined to) academic, sporting, and active citizenship or volunteering. 

In keeping with the vision of the late Tayo Situ, we are most keen to foster leadership skills in whatever capacity they are currently exercised by the young. This is a community driven event, with  local groups proposing young people who they feel are deserving and will benefit from public recognition at this level.

In the recent years we’ve had to take a break from Recognition Award Night in order to focus on other Activities. However this is an event that we hope to bring back  in the near future.