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Cllr Peter John and Bishop Christopher Chessun - New TSF Patrons

We are delighted to confirm Bishop Christopher and Cllr Peter John as our Patrons. This shows our commitment to involve all key youth service providers in the community.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to confirm the support of other leaders within the community. We will bring you the news as we hear from them.

Cllr Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council
Cllr Peter John has been Leader of Southwark Council since May 2010 when he led his group to win back the Council after spending 8 years in opposition. He was elected to the Council in May 2002 for South Camberwell Ward and took on various roles as an opposition Councillor. Prior to working fulltime in Politics, he was a barrister specialising in Public law for law chambers 5 Paper Building. Cllr Peter John said about Mayor Tayo Situ “Tayo Situ was a truly gentle man, and fulfilled the role of Mayor of Southwark with real dignity.  He was so proud of the opportunity to serve his constituents and our borough as the first citizen. I am proud to be a Patron of Tayo Situ Foundation”

The Rt Revd Christopher Chessun
Bishop Christopher Chessun is the 10th Bishop of Southwark and was enthroned early this year. Previously the Bishop Woolwich and whole host of other roles, he felt privileged to be in his latest role as the Bishop of Southwark. His interests include history, music, deaf-hearing integration, travel and links with overseas churches.
Bishop Christopher said “I would be very honoured to accept your kind invitation to become one of the trustees of the Foundation which will be dedicated to the memory of your late father [Mayor Tayo Situ]. How good its principle object will be to encourage and nurture youth engagement, leadership and achievement.”
September 2011